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Real estate agency Trgostan Split in cooperation with more than 40 European agencies and 12 European real estate portals conducted a research, taking into account the number of visits to web portals,
the number of queries, real estate with revised/ reduced prices and the final prices, comparing them to the identical parameters for the previous year, in an attempt to obtain the most relevant data on the current status of the real estate market.

The research revealed that the prices of unsold real estate, compared to the same period last year, have decreased by 21 %, whereas the real estate sellers had to lower the price up to 37 % compared to the initial price in order to make a sale. The structure of the visitors using the portal has changed in comparison to the previous year.

Finding the perfect  real estate is difficult going through the usual tough decision-making and smart choices as a home buyer. The financial perspective is the huge portion of making final decisions but after you is done deciding to get a rental or to own a house, the next decision you have to make is based on personal preferences to attain emotional satisfaction and lifestyle desires.

real estate has a wide selection of properties and houses that are established in the major cities as well as minor cities all over the country. If you have enough time to and money to plan your entire abode, then go for it and follow your dream house design.

The freedom one can get in owning or renting a house can be limited. What you put in buying a real estate are your money and lifestyle.

real estate has everything. The alternatives provided for you surely satisfies the classic and modern lifestyle, the kind that brings them closer to their dream and fulfilment that only real estate can provide with hospitality.