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You’re thinking of investing in real estate? The markets are slipping; prices have declined in some markets 20% over the last year

with no bottom in sight – so how do you make money in this downward market? This will be the first part of several articles on how you can still make money investing in real estate, (I haven’t finished the others articles- so not sure how many parts there will be). If you think real estate is easy and requires no work- better stay out.

In any business the less money of your own you risk the better off you will be.
Best thing about buying real estate- it can be done with no money! Wholesaling,
assumables, subject-to’s and certain sandwich lease options are all methods that can be
employed to buy with no money down.

As a beginner I would recommend limiting risk- no money down and not holding the
property in your name- wholesaling.

In most cases, foreign nationals who are planning to purchase residential properties in Australia primarily have to acquire permission from the Foreign Investment Review Board, otherwise known as FIRB. Furthermore, bear in mind that you can only redevelop a property in a span of two years after the date of purchase.

Concerning the value of Australian properties, you have to keep in mind that it often experiences shifts in pricing, and it usually depends on the country’s economy and timing of your purchase. Once you have bought your first real estate in Australia, you should obtain an approval from the Australian Government Expert, which can offer you professional guidance on how you can maximize the benefits of your newly acquired property.