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I have to place the needs of my clients ahead of my needs, protecting their interests as I would my own.

In today’s computer oriented world, 85% of buyers begin their search online. They are my clients but I take care of them as if they are close family.

Next in the process they need to decide whether they want to buy or rent. Recreation, hospitals, and shopping become issues of importance at some point.

If the client wants to buy, we must determine their location, price range and style of home. In the location we see clients who want to live in the heart of the city to those who want a 20-acre horse farm ten miles outside of town. It can be a challenge keeping my clients on task when it comes to price. We get our clients prequalified for a mortgage and use the monthly payment to assist in the pricing decisions. There are many pitfalls and unknown things to client that should be taken care of by the real estate professional.

Make sure the porch looks warm and inviting with comfortable seating and touchups on the paint if necessary.

– Make sure the interior is sparkling clean. Hiring professional cleaners may be necessary for tough jobs like cleaning grout or carpets, especially if your home is large. You can’t anticipate the style of each potential buyer, but if you make the decor less outlandish and more conservative while your home is showing, buyers can more easily picture their own belongings in the house.

– Keep things clean, but make it look livable and inviting. While it is true that clutter should be cleared and your house should sparkle, but be sure to keep a few things that will make your home charming. Instead of having him or her look on bedside tables or vanities, set out a simple vase of fresh flowers or a framed picture.

Working with your real estate agent on these steps can ensure that your house sells quickly and appeals to as many buyers as possible.