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Things to Do In Dumfries and Galloway There is no time in the year that Dumfries and Galloway don’t offer exciting fun and adventure for their visitors. There are plenty of attractions in these places that will make any family visit a wholesome and enjoyable one. In these places you can find fantastic castles, beautiful scenery and wildlife, museums, play centers, and arts and crafts centers too. It is quite difficult to rank these different places in Dumfries and Galloway. Those who have asked people what are the best attractions in Dumfries and Galloway will have a difficult time pinpointing the best ones, but they might be able to point out their favorites. A trip to Dumfries should not be without a visit to one of its many castles, whether they are already in ruins or still standing strong despite years of not being used. The two famous castles worth visit are the Caerlavelovk castles and the Drumlanrig castle because of the stories behind their histories. The Dumfries Museum and Camera Obscura, are two of the more poplar places to visit in Dumfries. This museum had its origins from a converted 18th century windmill transformed to a museum, and which at present is the second largest in the whole of Scotland. There are many artifacts in this museum and the personnel are extremely helpful in giving information. Another attraction within this museum is the Camera Obscura which situated on the topmost floor of the museum. The Camera Obscura was put in place way back in the 1800’s but up to now visitors can still use it to have a panoramic view of Dumfries and its surroundings.
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The Mabie Forest is an interesting place with something for everyone to enjoy. You can enjoy walks and breathtaking sceneries, witness wildlife in their natural habitat, spend a picnic on the picnic areas and children can have their fun time in their adventure playground. Mabie also offers cycle trails for biking enthusiasts.
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200 miles of coastline make up the Solway coast which is another place of wonder and adventure, walking its sandy beaches and enjoying the scenery. One beautiful thing to watch here are the migratory birds that fly en-masse at different places in different seasons. Aside from these main attractions, there are also other worth mentioning. There are the Moffat Hills that are known for their natural features called “The Devils Beeftub.” You can also visit “the Grey Mares Tail” which is a beautiful waterfall in Dumfries. If you stand on the old Deorgilla Bridge, you will be looking down on the River Nith and the metal suspensions bridge, and on your left are the Whitesands the on your right is the Burn’s center and park. You can also find a number of golf courses and sports activities around.

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